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15-25 August 1917
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Welcome to the Hill 70 Memorial’s official blog! This will be a space for learning and sharing about the Battle of Hill 70, as the centenary of the battle approaches in 2017.
We will be exploring the details of what it was like to be a soldier in the Canadian Expeditionary Force – from a soldier’s uniform, weapons, and everyday life, to their role on the battlefield. As well, we’ll explain the structure of the CEF, and profile some important servicemen and women. In the modern context, we will also post about the Memorial’s progress, and what its team members are up to in real time! For now, take a look at the The Hill 70 Project Story, and the rest of the site. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if you’d like to follow along there!
Our mission is one of learning and commemoration, in order to honour those who served to strengthen the future of Canada. Whether you’re already an expert, or just becoming interested in the Great War and Canada’s role, we hope there will be something here for you.
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