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15-25 August 1917
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Learning Kit

The Learning Kit is an exciting hands-on set of materials available for teachers throughout Canada for use in elementary and secondary schools. Through the kit, students will learn why Canada was involved in the Great War, how Canada’s role evolved, how Canada gained a seat at the Paris Peace talks, how Lieutenant General Currie demonstrated the value of meticulous planning, integrated artillery and infantry effort, the use of technological advancements, and, above all, the stories of courage and leadership.

The kit is composed of the story of the Battle of Hill 70 told in a narrative-style book format, an album of historic photographs, a documents file including attestation papers, letters, a map collection, and other material.

A package of lesson plans relevant to each province’s or territorial’s curriculum is also available as part of the teacher’s guide. The lesson plans are designed to engage students in real and meaningful learning about the key Battle of Hill 70.

All printed kits have been distributed, however all items are available for download in English here and French here.

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