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15-25 August 1917

Memorial Notes

Below are the thoughtful tributes from generous supporters of the project.

Dan Revington: "In proud remembrance of my grandfather, Ben Johnston, private in the 15th Battalion, 48th Highlanders, wounded at Hill 70, August 15, 1917. From Dan Revington, my wife Kate, and sons Ben and Robert, in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian victory at Hill 70."

Colin Ryan: "In memory of my Great Grandfather who died in the Battle for Hill 70, Private Fred Davis Hayes, 743085, February 2, 1885 - August 15, 1917, age 32. CEF, 2nd Canadian Division, 5th Infantry Brigade, 26th Battalion, New Brunswick."

Gerald Blezy: "Lest we forget all those who made the supreme sacrifice for God and country."

Elizabeth (Mitchell) Brigham: " I am so pleased this morning to read your "On to victory- and nationhood" article in the Globe.
Our Dad, William R. Mitchell, a signaller, was out laying communication cable at Hill 70, when a sniper shot him through the eye.   This was on August 16, 1917, three days before his 20th birthday.   He spent months in a war hospital at Bristol, England and did lose the eye but came home, married our Mother, helped raise six children & lived almost 73 years with shrapnel in his brain and a steel plate in the back of his head.  He never returned to Europe.
We have visited Lens & with the help of Google maps & the war maps, found the site where he fell but how wonderful a memorial will be built & the battle commemorated.
Interestingly, I was at the War Museum in Ottawa last weekend with family & several purchased the book 'Capturing Hill 70.' "

Duane Yeomans: "To remember great uncle: Corporal John James Haslam aka Norman Yeomans Service #441276 5th Battalion who died August 16, 1917 at Hill 70."

James Moore: "My grandfather, Herbert Leonard Moore, was killed on August 21, 1917. He was with the 27th Battalion, one of the Manitoba regiments."

Susan Smythe: "For my grandfather, Private John Fleming - 883632, who was missing in the Battle for Hill 70 but is still in our hearts."

Richard Garber: "In Honour of The Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force. In honour of those members of the Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, who fell in the capture of Hill 70."

John David Williams: "In Memory of John Maurice Williams, Regiment #871347"

Terry Bishop: "With thanks for the sacrifice of many, for the benefit of even more."

F. Roy Thomas: "In Memory of Pte. Melbourne Storr, May7, 1918 Pte "Mell" Storr, 26th Bn, fought at Hill 70 here before dying May 1918 near Arras."
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