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15-25 August 1917
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Story Robe

Thousands of years ago, people recorded their history and beliefs on stone outcrops which dot the Canadian plains. This tradition continued among the Siksika, Blood and Peigan who painted their stories on tipi covers and liners, bison robes, and even pages of ledger books supplied by the Department of Indian Affairs Agent. Occasionally, these drawings were made by the tribe's historian and record an important event for each year. Frequently these stories are told by the men themselves and painted accounts of their own feats as they retold stories about their lives. With each telling, the man would recall the Power that helped him in a particular circumstance and ask that all who heard his story be blessed similarly by the Power.

The First World War Deeds of Corporal Mike Mountain Horse

The First World War Deeds of Corporal Mike Mountain Horse

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The Story of Mike Mountain Horse

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