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15-25 August 1917
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Monument and Memorial Park

The Battle of Hill 70 Memorial Park opened to the public in August 2017 and was completed in October, 2019. The Memorial Park consists of a number of elements.

The centerpiece of the Memorial Park is an obelisk signifying the victory of the Canadian Corps at the Battle of Hill 70.

hill1.pngThe Memorial Park is located near the start line where the Corps began its advance to capture Hill 70. The actual location of Hill 70 is 1.4 kilometres to the east. The Park is made up of a several different elements. After leaving the welcome centre, the visitor begins a gentle climb along a curving pathway. Set into the pathways on the site are 1877 Canadian Maple Leaves, each representing a Canadian Soldier who died achieving the Victory at Hill 70. Continuing along the pathway the visitor approaches the General Sir Arthur Currie Amphitheatre. At this point, visitors can either continue into the Amphitheatre or follow the Frederick Lee pathway through the trench up to the summit and the Obelisk. The amphitheatre is one of the key features of the Hill 70 Memorial Site. Located immediately below the Obelisk, the amphitheatre is a central gathering point for visitors and tour groups who are exploring the site. Overlooking and standing some 70 metres above sea level is a stone Obelisk. Set into the Obelisk is the

View of Amphitheatre and Obelisk

sword of sacrifice and the words: CANADA 1917. The tapered portion at the top is the height of an average Canadian soldier and represents all the soldiers of the Canadian Corps who fought throughout the First World War.

The principal walkway to the Memorial’s summit is dedicated to Frederick Lee, a Canadian soldier of Chinese decent. Among the other major elements are walkways dedicated to the six Victoria Cross recipients starting with Corporal Filip Konowal after whom the first pathway starting at the main gate is named. The others are: Sergeant Major Robert Hill Hanna, Private Michael O’Rourke, Major Okill Massey Learmonth, Private Harry Brown, and Sergeant Fredrick Hobson.

Interpretative history boards, in English and French, are installed around the site along with a free downloadable audio tour, available in both English and French, from the AppStore or Google Play. 

The Obelisk from the Hannah VC Pathway

The audio tour is narrated by Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd, CM, OOnt, and former CBC Radio Canada broadcaster Bernard Derome, CM, OQ.

This splendid Memorial Park was built through the generosity of the following major donors: Sir Cyril Woods of Slane, KCN, Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation, Temerty Family Foundation, Robert H.N. Ho, (何鴻毅) CM, OBC, The Poy Family and hundreds of smaller donations. Please see the Donations page for list of donors.

Visitors are encouraged to continue on from either the Obelisk or the Amphitheatre and visit the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery located to the southwest of the Memorial Site. This cemetery, The Loos British Cemetery, was started by the Canadian Corps in July 1917 and hundreds of the soldiers who died capturing Hill 70 rest in this cemetery. Please follow this link for more details.

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