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15-25 August 1917
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The First World War Deeds of Corporal Mike Mountain Horse

The First World War Deeds of Corporal Mike Mountain Horse

No. 1: August 21st, 1917

The 50th battalion of Calgary attacked the german [sic] trenches. Corporal Mike Mountain Horse, led his machine gun section on an old building, behind the German defence [sic]. On obtaining their objective, M. Horse heard noises in an old cellar. He called upon the enemy to surrender, but [rece]ived no answer, Then he decended [sic] the stair. Looking [...] saw a german [sic] officer kneeling and aiming to shoot [...] [Moun]tain quickly fired at the officer, killing [...] he himself was wounded.

No. 2: August 10th, 1917

M. Mountain Horse with two others, was sent ahead by their commanding officer at the Battle of Amiens to examine the country ahead. An honor of this kind coming from a superior officer, is an important factor in the life of an Indian Warrior.

No. 3:August 11, 1917

At the Battle of Ameins [sic], M. Horse with a companion, shot three germans sic] who were in a trench, After the enemy soldiers had surrendered, they fired on the Canadians with machine guns.

No. 4:August 11, 1917

At the Battle of Amiens, a small party of German soldiers were approach unawares, and bombed out of their trench, by the M. Mountain Horse section. The enemy soldiers were shot down, with only one captured.

No. 5: August 21st, 1917

Mountain Horse was buried in this old cellar 4 days. He had gone down the cellar to get enemy soldiers who had surrendered to the Canadians. while [sic] he was down, a German shell wrecked the roof of the cellar. M. Mountain Horse was buried beneath the wreckage, and left for dead.

No. 6: At the battle of Amiens August 10, 1917

After the Germans had evacuated their trench. M. Mountain Horse and his section, chased a number of Germans out of a small hut, killing several Germans. From all indications, the G. soldiers had been eating a meal, The Canadian Soldiers, ate the meal instead.

No. 7: August 10, 19178

At the Battle of Ameins., a machine gun section was bothering the right flank of the 50th Battalion. M. Mountain Horse and his section killed the German gunners who were responsible, they also captured their guns.

No. 8:

At the Battle of Ameins M. Mountain Horse and his section, killed a few survivors of a German Battery, and marked the German artillery with the marks and designs of the Blackfoot Confederacy.

No. 9: Aug 2, 1917

M. Horse captured two German soldiers who were patrolling “No Mans Land.”

No. 10: August 9th, 1917

While on patrol duty, Mountain Horse fought a hand to hand, fight with three Germans, killing two of the Germans with his War knife.

No. 11: May 12th, 1918

M. Mountain Horse and three companions were sent on a daylight raid, on a German machine gun out post, All of the Germans were despatched [sic], and one of the Canadians [sic] soldiers was wounded.

No. 12:

A huge German shell wiped out all of the Mountain section, at the Battle of Amiens, But good luck favored “Mike”. He was unharmed.

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