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15-25 August 1917
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Wonderful news!!!  We have acquired new funding to complete Phase II of the project. 

A new walkway will be added to the Hill 70 Memorial, and it will be named after Frederick Lee, thanks to the very generous support of Robert H.N. Ho of West Vancouver, Vivienne Poy, and Dr. Sylvester Chuang.  Other important elements related to this initiative were made possible by support received from Jack Gin, The Lam Foundation, Richard Wong and Dr. Chan Gunn.  The monument, along with the Frederick Lee Walkway, will serve as a memorial to those who fought and died at Hill 70, and will be a symbol of the contributions of Chinese-Canadians during the Great War.
Frederick Lee  was born in Kamloops and was a farmer before he enlisted with the 172nd Rocky Mountain Battalion in 1916.  Mr. Lee’s story is one of many which underscore the role of Chinese Canadians in building this country

This phase will complete the architect’s original design and encompasses the trench and bridge that will allow visitors, including handicapped, to travel up to the Obelisk.  We anticipate the completion of Phase II by early spring of 2019.
Below are some photos of the initial progress.  Stay tuned for more as we move ahead with Phase II.
The start of the trench up to the Obelisk  
path to monument
A new bridge will span this gap on the way to the Obelisk
Start of Oblisk
Photos from the memorial site.
view gallery here
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